What is this all about?

We all have a manifesto – a “why we are here?”. They may be inscribed on tablets, shouted from mountains or just kept to yourself, one hundred pages long or just one word. But whatever they are, they are there if you take just a moment to think about it. This is mine:

Life is supposed to be enjoyable, to be exciting and to be lived. The World would be an infinitely more exciting place if we all realised that the World is an infinitely exciting place. I want to give the World the how, what and whys of happiness.

So I am creating the World’s first Happiness Workout programme. But this doesn’t have to involve any sweat at all. This is a workout programme that allows everybody to cut out stress from their life, to recover and grow from set-backs and to develop the strength needed to taste every drop of life.

This began as a plan for myself. Starting with a desire to understand two questions:

1) Why aren’t I happy yet?

2) What can I do about it?

Answering this question has already taken me on a journey discussing happiness with everyone from the world’s leading academics, authors and public policy officials to friends, strangers and a scuba diving instructor. From 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament (twice) to Military bases, Buddhist temples, a desert island and the many sweaty nightclubs. And along the way I’ve already met CEOs with more material wealth than they could spend on themselves in a lifetime, families living in cardboard boxes under motorway bridges to models and people with multiple limb amputees. All with the initial aim of devising a way to answer my questions.

Many people will limit this by saying words to the effect of “if just one persons life is improved then I will have succeeded”. But I don’t agree. This would be fantastic but this is not success. Why stop there? This is the start of a Global movement. The most powerful force is an idea in motion.

Join the movement today and together we can do great things…